Macheda is historic in identity and illustrious no being the birth-place of this great revolutionary  Smt. Matangini Hazra. Around this place, there are Rajbaris of Tamluk and Mahishadal, which have many archeological displays of rare nature. Khudiram Bose, the 1st martyr during the British regime during early 20th century had studied in the school as located in this district. The school had unique contribution towards his early growth in revolutionary mind.

Today, industries around Mecheda are quite a few and Haldia being not more than 45 k.m. communication has become highly comfortable with taxies and luxurious business are abundant in numbers. The roads are updated to great standards and visitors from the country and abroad do speak high about easy pliability between Mecheda, Haldia/Kharagpur/Tamluk,(the capital city of the district East Midnapore).



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